1. Turn

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I’ve been this way for far too long
And I don’t know if I can get back now
I’m feelin’ angry, cold and scared
Wonderin’ why I should even care?

It’s all right and it’s ok
Leave the past just walk away
It don’t matter where you’ve been
Just turn around now and come to Him

My hands are shakin’ I know somehow
That I would get back if I just knew how
Need some answers to find the truth
Don’t want more opinions I get so confused

I make all things new
And I have chosen you
So come and follow Me
And see what it means to be free

A voice is calling
I’m lookin’ for you
Open My book and I’ll show you the truth
If you will trust Me I’ll show you the way
A new life is waitin’ so don’t hesitate because -

It’s all right, it’s ok
It’s all right, it’s ok